You have this relentless need to live.
Simply existing does not suffice.
You do not settle for the expected or the ordinary.
For nothing about you is ordinary.
You crave to experience spontaneity.
You wish to do more than survive.

Survival is almost instinctual in people like you.
Your type has to work through and for everything.
Hunger, thirst, and exhaustion.
These are conditions you know too well.
Constantly gasping for air, just enough to continue.
But is breathing the only proof of life?

You wish to escape this life, this routine.
This is why you yearn more.
Why you appreciate whim more than most.
You thirst for those moments to surrender yourself.
The moments in which you exhale and release.
And the accumulated tension evanesces.

Numbness. That’s all your mind craves.
An escape from your demanding reality.
The chance you get to lose yourself to the music.
Allowing the anxiety of tomorrow to dissipate.
To finally live and enjoy, not merely persist.

All you crave are the moments that steal your breath.
And those that make your heart flutter.
Euphoria. That is your addiction.
You, incessantly searching for the next fix.
That is the life you chase carelessly.
The kind that empties out your lungs with appreciation.


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