All is Significant.

Grains. Fragments of a larger structure.
Insignificant to most, even to themselves.
Relevant to few, but necessary to all.
Alone these particles seem inconsequential
But together they are powerful, beyond measure.
Every single speck of grain proves to be necessary.
To its counterparts it serves a purpose.

We, too, feel insignificant when we think of the universe.
We are but specks in this ever-expanding world.
But think about it, each of us is a miniture universe,
Composed of microscopic fragments, working together to give life.
Our cells, these particles, which are composed of even smaller particles
Alone − insignificant, together − maestros of a beautiful orchestra.

Never feel insignificant, for you are a vital instrument
With a greater purpose in a grand musical arrangement.
It only takes one grain of sand to offset the balance
That is the power we all hold. Us, the grains of the universe.



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