Like the Universe.

Our love is like the universe, expanding exponentially.
It is both vast and endless, emotionally and physically.
Most of which you and I have yet to discover.
A frontier that I’d happily explore with you, my lover.

It is entropic in nature, always seeking disorder.
A rebellious creation. Bound by not one single border.
In a constant state of anarchy, chaos and confusion.
It expels all practicality, so we can bask in its illusion.
For we attempted to control it many a time unsuccessfully.
Quickly noting its stubborn nature, for it never complied willfully.

So, I propose to you, my love, that we embark on an adventure.
To submerge ourselves in our tale, one that’s holier than the scripture.
Let us marvel at our love’s embodiment of both you and I.
Lose ourselves in the cosmos that our souls personify.



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