A Paradox

Sacrifice can bring you happiness, fulfillment from being selfless. A selfless act that indirectly feeds your ego. It can be both tangible or abstract. A gift, action, gesture, or words. Something simple and temporary. Something grand and for a lifetime. But without reciprocity gratification is replaced by resentment. Resentment that springs from your altruistic tendencies. Though selfless, it lessens the self. It takes from you, be it emotionally, mentally, physically. Sacrifice both strengthens and weakens.

It has a benefactor and a beneficiary. You and them. You are the means to their end. This is the type of sacrifice with which you are instilled. The exhortations come from a pulpit, a parent, an authority. You are taught to sacrifice for others. To give without hesitation in an unrelenting fashion. But were you ever taught to sacrifice for yourself? Are you the means to your own end? Do you drop everything in order to bring yourself joy or happiness?

What do you do when no one sacrifices themselves for you? You are not a priority, not to the same extent that they are for you. So, who do you depend on? Tell me. Why are you taught to sacrifice for others, but not for yourself? You, too, are deserving of your own sacrifice. Sacrifice is a product of love. If you cannot sacrifice for yourself, do you truly love yourself? Do not turn a cold shoulder when you see someone in need. Especially when that someone is you. Prioritize yourself just like you prioritize others. Learn to recognize and address your own needs.

Love yourself, enjoy yourself. Most of all, invest in yourself.



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