Be. Just be.

Writing. It is one of the few tangible things over which I have total control. I decide what I want to divulge and what I want to keep to myself. I choose the tone, the pace, the length. I can safely expose myself, my failures, my aspirations, without fear of rejection, judgement, or ridicule. I write because I know no other way to fully express myself without turning disgruntled heads. I can make fun of myself without seeing the gleam of pity sweep through a person’s eyes. I write because one day some sad soul, like mine, will stumble upon my words and realize that he is not alone. I write because it keeps me sane. I write because it brings me pride, despite what the ‘Stats’ depict.

My raison d’être? It is simply that, to be. To be and enjoy and love all that I am and all that I will become. So, you. Yes, you. The beautiful soul that is reading this. Be. Just be.

P.S. Go buy yourself some flowers, champ. You deserve them.

Raison D’être


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